Where to Look for a Job Online

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Lady Looking at Job BoardLooking for a job online is tough. Why? Because a lot of the so-called “offers” out there are scams, pure and simple. You need to do your due diligence. In other words, check them out and I mean check them out thoroughly!

One of the easiest ways to check out a company you may be considering working for or associating your at-home business with is to pull up a Google search screen, type in the name of the company and add the word SCAM. If there have been complaints filed, you’ll know it in about 3 seconds tops. People scammed, wronged and screwed out of something are not quiet and you’ll see what this place is up to.

There are a lot of places out there that help you find at-home work. Two of the best I know are Rat Race Rebellion and Work At Home No Scams. I’ve been following both of these sites for a few years now and haven’t seen anything not on the up-and-up. Let’s take them one at a time.

Rat Race Rebellion

Rat Race Rebellion is a web site run by Michael Haaren and Christine Durst. Michael is an attorney and Christine was instrumental in founding the virtual assistant industry. They know their stuff and put out a newsletter with what they call “pre-screened” job leads. This does NOT mean that you do nothing and just start signing up. It just means that at first glance, nothing looks fishy.

They have jobs in many categories such as accounting, education, writing, editing and many more. There are a lot of jobs, so search when you have some time, check them out and apply if you think you are a good fit.

From time to time, they will put out blast emails to those on their list, advertising jobs that are open and need people right then and there. A lot of them are state specific so you have to read these blast ads carefully. A lot of the ones I’ve seen are hourly wage jobs, too, not work-at-home opportunities.

Check it out by clicking HERE. And make sure you sign up for their newsletters so you can stay abreast of all the latest jobs posted.

Work At Home No Scams

Work At Home No Scams is a fantastic work-at-home site owned by an innovative and very sharp entrepreneur named Eddie Salomon. This site not only has jobs, it has information on affiliate programs and other ways to make money, along with hints and tips. It is simply chock full of all the information a work-at-home entrepreneur needs.

Most importantly, Eddie tells you who to stay away from. He regularly reviews business opportunities and he has a scam category on the site that can help you in checking out companies you may have been referred to or would like to evaluate He’s on top of everything in the work-at-home world.

Scroll down on the home page to “Weekly Recap of Job Leads.” You can sign up for a Friday email here. You can also subscribe by RSS feed.

Get all of Eddie Salomon’s valuable information by clicking HERE.

I don’t mean to say that these are the only two legit job referral sites out there. There are others. But I’ve been researching work-at-home jobs for a long time now and these two are still there when many of the others I’ve seen are not. That’s why I feel comfortable in recommending them to you.

Happy Job Hunting!



Do You Treat Your Work Like a “Real” Job?

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Telephone olderHave you ever had anybody think about your work-at-home job as less than a “real” job? Unfortunately, even in this day and age when you think people should know better, they don’t. A “real” job is something you leave the house in the morning for, come home in the evening to make dinner and get paid on a regular schedule, right? Working at home is. . . well, what exactly is it to some people?

That’s a good question and I honestly don’t know. But I do know that people feel free to interrupt us work-at-home types for whatever and whenever they please. I mean, hey, it’s not as if you’re working a real job, is it?

Case in point:  A friend called me the other day. Now I usually don’t answer my phone during certain hours (we’ll get to that in a minute), but it’s someone I know is troubled, so I picked up the phone.  My mistake. I thought I could just acknowledge her and ask if I could call back later, but she immediately launched into a diatribe without taking a breath. When she did and I said something about me working and could I please call her back later when I could talk freely, she got mad. She actually said, “Well, it’s not like you’re really working. You’re just writing those Examiner articles.” Her mistake.

Excuse me? Those “Examiner articles” are what pay my bills, lady! In fact, that’s what I said and she pooh-poohed it. So I simply said, “Look, I’ll call you back when I can,” and hung up. I haven’t called her back yet. Are you surprised?

This hasn’t happened a lot lately, thank goodness. It used to happen all the time when I first started working at home. People assumed my working at home meant I was sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating bon-bons. It most assuredly does NOT, but they didn’t get it. So how do you stop this?

One, you have to value your work as a “real” job. If you don’t, nobody else will. If you planned to work from 9 a.m. to noon and a friend calls and asks you to babysit all of a sudden, don’t. Simply tell her, “I’m sorry. I would if I could, but I’m working solidly until noon. I’d be happy to watch the little one for you Friday night for a few hours if that would help.” You’re not saying no, you’re just saying not now. You can say no if you have to, though. You ARE working a real job. If you were working in an office, would someone call you and ask you to do something for them during work hours? Not hardly.

The other thing you should do is set hours. . . and don’t break them! Put an answering message on your phone clearly stating your hours. Once you do this, don’t break those hours! Okay, okay, there is always an emergency. You know which calls these are. You always answer calls from your child’s school and if your mother is in the hospital and the hospital’s number comes up, you know what to do. But if it’s your friends or sales calls or anything else that looks mildly interesting, don’t pick up that phone. Of course, you should call back any calls that need it a soon as you can, but not during work hours.

The bottom line here is that you DO work a real job.  Work is work is work whether it’s done at home or in some office somewhere. You’re getting paid to produce, right? But if you don’t value your job as “real,” nobody else will. It’s just one of those things where we have to teach people who don’t understand. Your livelihood may depend on it!



The Reluctant WAHM Rides Again!

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Welcome back sign with smiliesGuess what? I’m B-A-A-A-C-K!  LOL It’s been awhile, over a year, actually. I’m not sure I ever meant to stay away that long, but it just sorta kinda happened that way. But the Reluctant WAHM is back. Let me fill you in a little bit on what’s been happening.

I guess I’m more reluctant now than ever by circumstance, but less reluctant due to the fact I’ve resigned myself to my fate. What does that convoluted sentence mean? Well, my mobility issues have gotten a lot worse. When I started the Reluctant WAHM, I still worked outside of the home part time. I liked working outside of the home. Now it’s getting to the point that I really can’t. If I go out and run an errand, it wears me out for the rest of the day. So I’m more reluctant because I’m a stubborn old bat and I want to go out and work. I’m less reluctant because I’ve accepted what I cannot change and am dealing with it the best I can.

So what am I doing? Ghostwriting. Remember GhostWriteHer? That’s still in existence. I’ve also signed on with Examiner.com to write articles and I just passed my one-year anniversary. There are other things, too, that I’ll be telling you about as time goes on. But for now, enough history! Let’s talk working at home.

This is something we talked about way back in the beginning of this blog, but I think we’ll start over with it now. How do you work at home? I don’t mean what do you do, but how you do it. In other words, do you work in your jammies or do you need to get dressed?  Makeup or no makeup? Shoes or no shoes? Don’t laugh. Shoes are a big thing to people who work at home.

I still need to get dressed to be effective, although I have learned to work in my nighties. I end up fidgeting and fussing, though, after too long and I know it’s time to find the jeans and a sweater or tee, depending on the weather. Oh, I need earrings, too. Don’t ask me why, but those earrings are important.

Remember I said shoes are important? If you have to be ready to run at a moment’s notice, you need to have your shoes on. Some days I do, some days I don’t. On the “don’t” days, I usually have on my slippers which are fur-lined moccasins. Very comfy and I feel good in them. On days I might have to run out, I wear knee highs and a nice pair of flats. The only time I wear gym shoes now is for actual exercise or long walks.

So how do you work best? Jammies? Sweats? Fully dressed with makeup and hair done? Don’t laugh, but I know one WAHM who works buck naked. She’s very productive, too, so who am I to criticize? I should add she lives alone. LOL

Please leave a comment and let me know your work-at-home style. For future reference, I will attempt to have a new blog post for you here at the Reluctant WAHM every Wednesday. Reluctant WAHM Wednesday! I like the sound of that. J If there are any topics you would like to see discussed, please drop me a note at reluctantwahm@comcast.net or find me on the The Reluctant WAHM Facebook page.

Glad to be back!


A Historical Friday Funny

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Happy Friday, Reluctants!  It’s cold down here in South Joisey.  Hope you’re in a somewhat warmer state and looking forward to a great weekend!  It’s Third Friday for my locals, so get your woolies out for street crawling in Millville tonight!

I have a great Friday Funny for you from my childhood, but I’m sure “some” of you may remember.  :)  I also have some prayer requests before we get to it.

But first. . .

Those of you who follow my Facebook page know that I’ve been posting a lot about Noah Estes.  I just linked his blog which is where the updates are being posted.  Noah is finally closer to home, but is having many, many problems.   His Mom, Kate, has a Facebook page, too, so if you could stop by either one and post one word. . . praying. . . it would be such a comfort to her.  She is very strong, but is beside herself over this latest issue, not to mention worrying about her other seven kids.  Praise God for good Dads playing Mr. Mom!

Melanie Gates is in and out of the hospital with more Melanie oddities.  The doctors are starting to throw up their hands, not knowing what else to do.  This sweet little girl is very sick, though.  Please pray for some wisdom for the docs so they figure out what to do for her.  Her Mom does most of her care and is very frustrated with the doctors about now.

And my little buddy Noah Lamfers is having some different troubles.  Noah has had lots of procedures lately to try to regulate his digestive system.  Some of it works, some of it doesn’t.  This is a dear, sweet, very brave little boy.  His Mom does most of his care, too.  She is very strong but it wears on her, as it does on all moms of catastrophically ill children.  Some prayers for Mom Rachel would be in order, too.  Oh, Melanie’s Mom is Amber.  Thanks!

And now on to what you come here for on Fridays. . . DA FUNNY!  I first met Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman on the Captain Kangaroo show as a very young child.  Being a history aficionado even then, I fell in love with it.  I’ve come across it from time to time searching on You Tube and this clip jumped out at me as a good giggle for Friday!

See ya next time!


One Monday Morning

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Happy Morning, Reluctants!  I’m actually glad to see Monday come around this time.  Why?  The weekend was almost more than I could take.  So Monday Morning, I welcome you!

I overheard a discussion among some young adults the other day who were just planning to do nothing with their lives.  Why?  They were sure that one person could never do anything, could never make a difference.  So their solution was to just sit life out.  I shook my head.  I wanted to say something, but I didn’t think they would listen to me.  I came away with such a sad feeling.  So I started thinking about the power of one or small groups.

All of you reading this struck out boldly, either as a singular part of a larger company (if you’re in direct or affiliate sales) or you had an idea, something that you knew would work.  It was a bold move and I applaud you for it!  So today’s video talks about what ONE can do.  As I watched, this quote would not leave me alone.

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.  ~ Samuel Adams

See ya next time!


Another Friday Funny Classic

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Happy Friday, Reluctants!  We made it once again.  I wasn’t too sure about this one, but. . . here we are!  Lots happening this week.  I have some prayer requests in the opening section.  And then we move on to my fav-or-eyte show from my high school days!  Wouldja believe it’s in black and white?  LOL

But first. . .

For those of you who have been following my RWAHM Facebook Page, you know that Noah Estes is in real trouble.  You can go to his Mom’s FB page to learn more (Kate Estes), but the easiest way to keep up with Noah is through the blog Praying for Noah.  A family friend is keeping it updated while Noah and Kate are in the hospital in another state.  This little one has been through so much!  His family covets your prayers.

My little buddy Noah Lamfers still needs your prayers.  Noah has been through some intense procedures in the last week or so.  He’s up and down.  But if you go to his Caring Bridge page, you’ll see that huge Noah smile!  Send some prayers and thoughts his way, K?  For his Mom, Rachel, too.  She is a rock!

Would you please pray for a local family of mine, the Dammingers?  Their Grandmom, Shirley Ridgeway, passed away this week.  Shirley was quite a character and she will be sorely missed.


Now on to a very old clip from my favorite show. . . The Beverly Hillbilles! The first few years were in black and white.  Yeah, that’s how old it is.  ROFLOL  My favorite was Granny, the actress Irene Ryan.  This is one of the original episodes and it even has Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs, the famous bluegrass duo who were the ones who sang The Ballad of Jed Clampett. Enjoy!  (And don’t fall in the cee-ment pond while you’re there. . . hee-hee!)

See ya next time!


Birthing a New Tradition

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Happy Hump Day, Reluctants!  Today we’re gonna talk about Christmas, which is what I celebrate, but this advice goes for whichever holiday you may be celebrating as this year draws to a close.  It kills me to even say that.  Wasn’t it just January 1st or maybe even the beginning of summer?  Tempus is definitely fugiting!

I wish I knew where this came from.  I’ve found it several places in cyberspace, but never with anyone credited.  Someone MUST have written it!  If you find it with an author, please leave me a comment here or on the RWAHM FB Page.  I would love to give it proper credit!

Christmas 2011 — Birth of a New Tradition???

As the holidays approach, the giant Asian factories are kicking into high gear to provide Americans with monstrous piles of cheaply produced goods — merchandise that has been produced at the expense of American labor. This year will be different. This year Americans will give the gift of genuine concern for other Americans. There is no longer an excuse that, at gift giving time, nothing can be found that is produced by American hands. Yes, there is!

It’s time to think outside the box, people. Who says a gift needs to fit in a shirt box, wrapped in Chinese produced wrapping paper?  Everyone — yes EVERYONE gets their hair cut. How about gift certificates from your local American hair salon or barber?

Gym membership? It’s appropriate for all ages who are thinking about some health improvement.

Who wouldn’t appreciate getting their car detailed? Small, American owned detail shops and car washes would love to sell you a gift certificate or a book of gift certificates.

Are you one of those extravagant givers who think nothing of plonking down the Benjamins on a Chinese made flat-screen? Perhaps that grateful gift receiver would like his driveway sealed, or lawn mowed for the summer, or driveway plowed all winter, or games at the local golf course.

There are a bazillion owner-run restaurants — all offering gift certificates. And, if your intended isn’t the fancy eatery sort, what about a half dozen breakfasts at the local breakfast joint. Remember, folks this isn’t about big National chains — this is about supporting your home town Americans with their financial lives on the line to keep their doors open.

How many people couldn’t use an oil change for their car, truck or motorcycle, done at a shop run by the American working guy?

Thinking about a heartfelt gift for mom? Mom would LOVE the services of a local cleaning lady for a day.

My computer could use a tune-up, and I KNOW I can find some young guy who is struggling to get his repair business up and running.

OK, you were looking for something more personal. Local crafts people spin their own wool and knit them into scarves. They make jewelry, and pottery and beautiful wooden boxes.

Plan your holiday outings at local, owner operated restaurants and leave your server a nice tip. And how about going out to see a play or ballet at your hometown theatre.

Musicians need love too, so find a venue showcasing local bands.

Honestly, people, do you REALLY need to buy another ten thousand Chinese lights for the house? When you buy a five dollar string of light, about fifty cents stays in the community. If you have those kinds of bucks to burn, leave the mailman, trash guy or babysitter a nice BIG tip.

You see, Christmas is no longer about draining American pockets so that China can build another glittering city. Christmas is now about caring about US, encouraging American small businesses to keep plugging away to follow their dreams. And, when we care about other Americans, we care about our communities, and the benefits come back to us in ways we couldn’t imagine. THIS is the new American Christmas tradition.

Forward this to everyone on your mailing list — post it to discussion groups — throw up a post on Craigslist in the Rants and Raves section in your city — send it to the editor of your local paper and radio stations, and TV news departments. This is a revolution of caring about each other. . .and isn’t that what Christmas is about?

See ya next time!


It’s Monday (and here we are!)

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Good Monday Morning, Reluctants!  Didja miss me?  You don’t have to answer that.  ROFLOL  Techie Troubles have been abounding, but I’m gonna claim they’re over now!  (My lips to God’s Ears, right? :))

Today I’m gonna give you some real hardline inspiration. . . Rocky.  Don’t laugh.  It wasn’t just a movie.  I don’t know if you know this, but the Rocky saga was inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s own life.  He was another kid who, like Thomas Edison and others, was considered stupid.  His parents were told to pull him out of school, that he’d never amount to anything.  For a time he believed them, flunking out and getting into things he maybe shouldn’t have.  But then he found himself, knew that everyone was wrong. . . dead WRONG about him.  And look what happened!  Miracles happen when you believe in yourself.  Sly is proof of that!

I may be partial to this story because I grew up not too far from where the first Rocky movie takes place.  Stallone is a Philly success story.  You can be one, too, no matter where you’re from, even if you don’t have those Art Museum steps to challenge you.  Find your own mountain and . . . go forth and conquer!

Please excuse the 7-second Lexus commercial at the beginning, but I wanted this clip ’cause of the video quality.  See ya next time!  (Lord willin’ and the computer don’t crash!)


Inspirational Stories

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Happy Monday, Reluctants!  It’s Halloween, so for those who celebrate. . . Enjoy!  It’s also really, really, REALLY cold down here in South Joisey.  Brrrrrrrrrrr. . .  It’s supposed to warm up starting tomorrow.  Sure hope so!  To those of you who got snowed in this weekend, I hope you’re finally warm and cozy.  I know so many are still without power.  We just got lots and lots of rain.  Dodged the bullet. . . this time.

I usually don’t do prayer requests on Monday, but there’s a family who could sure use it.  I often ask for prayer for Jesse Green, a 12-year-old boy born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.   He was so blessed to be adopted and loved by the Green family.  His older sister, Leah, is an epileptic and she had a two-hour grand mal seizure last night and had to be life-flighted out of the home.  This on the heels of Jesse just getting home from spending 12 days in the hospital with pneumonia.  Mom Terri is beside herself.  Please pray for the Green family in Western Maryland.  They really need your prayers and good thoughts.

And now for our Monday staple feature. . . Inspiration! This one is somewhat special.  It’s called Stories & Heroes.  There are many quotes about stories, a subject near and dear to my heart.  I teach history as stories of people just like you and me, not faceless lists of names and dates.  My family says that as a child, I was always begging someone to tell me a story.  I also love stories about heroes, ordinary people who do extraordinary things.  This little video is chock full of great quotes on both stories and heroes!  And since tomorrow marks the NINTH Birthday of Art of Eloquence, the brainchild of my very dear friend, JoJo Tabares, one of DA BEST storytellers I know. . . this is dedicated to her with lots and lots of love.

See ya next time!


Today’s Classic Friday Funny

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Well, Reluctants, we made it to Friday once again!  Are you ready for some weekend?  I sure am.  :)  Hope you have some good plans!  They’re saying it’s supposed to snow in Joisey.  In the end of October?  I don’t think so!  S-N-O-W is a four-letter word, ya know.  At least in my mind it is!

Before we get to the Friday Funny (and it’s a good one!), I have two of “my kids” you need to pray for and. . . one very special announcement!  So let’s do the special section first.

But First. . .

My little buddy, Jesse Green, has been in the hospital for 12 days with pneumonia.  Jesse is an FAS kid with horribly compromised lungs.  He came home yesterday, but he still needs lots of prayers.

Melanie Gates is bleeding again.  This poor baby has so many problems.  She’s a mito kid, but one who defies all medical logic.  They are running out of ideas to help her.  Please pray.


Now for the Very Special Announcement!  You’ve seen my good buddy JoJo Tabares in the pages of the RWAHM Blog many times.  Well. . . didja know that Tuesday, November 1st, will be Art of Eloquence’s NINTH Birthday?  Yep, JoJo’s been teaching folks how to communicate in love and grace for NINE YEARS NOW!  That deserves some very special applause.  {{{CLAP CLAP CLAP}}} And even though it’s JoJo’s birthday, YOU get the presents!  Come to the Art of Eloquence Fan Page throughout the day on Tuesday.  There will be lots of guest speakers, freebies, prizes and JoJo’s trademark FUN!  You won’t regret it and. . . you even might learn somethin’, too!  Watch this!

And now for a very special Friday Funny!  I went back to my Classic Comedy Clips and this one is from one of DA BEST comedy shows EVER! I’m talking about The Carol Burnett Show with Carol, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner!  This clip, from 1975, is Harvey, Tim and Vicki doing Tough Truckers.  Enjoy!  (and see ya next time!)

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